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Dock levelers come in a variety of sizes and capacities to exceed expectations and deliver the utmost in performance. TRAKLINE Roll Door Fold Door. Engineering Design The Bluff EZ-Pull dock leveler design Offers a tremendous ergonomic solution when compared to other available dock leveler designs.

Available in mechanical, hydraulic or air-powered models, NORDOCK® dock levelers are guaranteed to exceed expectations and deliver the utmost in performance. The SHF features an integral 1 h. Each dock leveler manufactured by Nordock feature a continuous, fixed rear hinge assembly, with the lip and tread plate constructed from 50,000-55,000 psi yield steel. Many forklift operators travel across conventional dock levelers more than 100,000 times each year.

Nordock air-powered dock levelers feature a fully-protected single chamber air bag activation system that shields the air bag from outside contamination over 99% of the time. 1215 Industrial Ln. NORDOCK ® products are &39;Guaranteed to Outperform&39;, this is your assurance that the products you buy will offer the lowest lifetime cost of ownership. Mechanical Dock Levelers Series "C" Mechanical Leveler (1990) Series "CM" Mechanical Leveler (1996) Series "CM" Mechanical Leveler () Series "SM" Mechanical Leveler () Dyna-Load Mechanical Levele. The smart choice for facilities lacking the required space for conventional pit-style dock levelers, NORDOCK® Edge Mount is a cost-effective alternative for loading docks servicing trailers with a minimal height difference. Find the parts you need with Multi-Fab&39;s large selection of Nordock replacement parts today.

Toll com Contact Nova Technology. leVeleRS DOCK leVeleRS NORDOCK® TeleSCOPING lIP™ leVeleR An energy efficient alternative to vertical storing levelers. Should the leveler platform begin to drop unexpectedly mechanical safety legs can help stop that rapid free-fall.

3 manufacturer’s note 5 2. Star 1 - Kelley Truk Stop. 1209 NOVEMBER part of the SMOOTH TRANSITION DOK SYSTEMTM MADE IN U. Beacon ® Top of Dock Levelers are best utilized at older buildings for loading docks below the industry standard 48" dock height. Acting as the bridge between your facility and the trailer parked at the loading dock, a mechanical leveler offers ease of use and zero energy costs. 4 owner’s responsibility 6.

Dock levelers are available in Pit-Style, TELESCOPING-LIP™, Edge Mount, COLDSTORAGE™, Boxcar and more. NORDOCK® stocks hundreds of common replacement parts and repair kits for dock levelers, restraints, and scissor lifts. EZ-PULL EDGE OF nordock ad leveler owners manual DOCK LEVELER OWNERS MANUAL* * Read entire manual prior to unit installation. All the parts and info you need in once place. RITE-HITE PRINT SHOP PUBLICATION NO. NORDOCK Model SHF Hydraulic FLEX-LIP™ dock leveler lip is designed to provide substantial cost savings on equipment maintenance, fragile goods damage and personnel injuries. Find the right manual for your loading dock equipment.

Dock Leveler sizes are chosen to provide fast nordock ad leveler owners manual and safe loading from dock to truck level. These Top of Dock Ramp units easily anchor on top of the dock and are typically an older building application. Blue Giant has a pit style dock leveler for every application. The TeleSCOPING lIP™ dock leveler fully retracts so the insulated dock doors can store against the pit floor. NORDOCK® quality dock levelers are proven to be the best and most reliable on the market, providing a productive and efficient loading process.

And if you need access to truck beds that are below dock height the safety legs can be retracted with the pull of a chain while the leveler is being positioned. 2 exclusion of liability 5 2. The simple, smooth performance and easy to position design eliminates the. unlike rotating lip designs, the fully hydraulic powered deck and telescoping lip allow for precise. , Malvern, ARext. Each air-powered dock leveler comes with Nordock’s standard 20 year front hinge and full-width rear hinge, 10 year structural and 5 year lifting mechanism warranties.

HOW A DOCK LEVELER IS MADE - NEXT GENERATION OF BLUE GIANT DOCK LEVELERS - Duration: 2:07. A faulty Dock Leveler is a potential source of danger to the operator. RHH HYDRA-RITE Owners Manual. RHJ Owners Manual.

Designed and engineered to meet the evolving needs of today’s loading docks, NORDOCK® Pit Style dock levelers combine strength, reliability and ease-of-use with industry leading innovation. Tilt-back control allows the leveler to store over-center, reducing pressure on the hydraulic system. RHH Hydrualic Owners Manual. Kelley - EOD Air-Powered Manual. Pentalift offers a complete line of mechanical dock levelers to suite common capacity requirements. 1 owner’s purchase record 4 2. FasTrax, FasTrax LD, FasTrax FR, FasTrax FR LD Owners Manual.

The standard 16" long lip projects 11" beyond a 4" bumper to engage a truck bed 12" above or below floor level. Edge of Dock levelers and other loading dock equipment are manufactured by DLM in the US. 0 about the airbag dock leveler with controls 4 1. The operator stores the leveler by pressing the control button until the lip fully retracts.

Star 2 - Kelley Truk Stop with 202B Control Module. 5 t (10,000 lbs). The dock leveler, door, vehicle restraint, air seal and communication lights should all be integrated to ensure an optimum safety system. 1 warranty information 5 2. Available as mechanical, hydraulic to air-powered levelers. Official Nordock Vertical Telescoping Dock Leveler - NVTL - Duration: 4:10. In the FLEX-LIP® Series, the dock leveler lip is designed to provide significant cost savings on reducing damage to fragile products, equipment maintenance, and personnel damage.

Dock leveler plate parts in stock. Dock Levelers include manual loading levelers and contactor truck dock systems. Unit comes complete with hand pump, wall-mount brackets, cylinder, 15 feet of hydraulic line and oil. leading supplier of Material Handling Products. WI Office:DOCK (3625) IL Office:DOCK (3625).

For questions about the availability of parts, please email: com RITE HITE Manuals Serco Manuals Poweramp Manuals Mcguire Manuals TKO Dock Door Manu. Kelley (4Front Entrematic) nordock ad leveler owners manual - aFX Air-Powered Dock Leveler. Our experts can help you out nordock ad leveler owners manual with any loading dock questions, or support with OEM manuals.

Z Deck Owners Manual. All Blue Giant dock levelers contribute toward a positive LEED rating. Environmentally friendly - Hydraulic fluid is biodegradable and out performs traditional industrial-grade fluid. Download Literature, Transmittals or Architectural Specs for Our Products. Hl900 Owners Manual.

Kelley - Mechanical Dock Leveler () Kelley - Mechanical Dock Leveler () Kelley - EOD Edge of Dock Mechanical Leveler. They focus relentlessly on providing energy efficient and long-lasting dock solutions for the end user. Warranty NORDOCK ® guarantees the COLDSTORAGE™ Series hydraulic dock levelers will perform as described and to the full satisfaction of the purchaser for one-year from date of receipt. Owner’s Manual 38378-OM: TLH Dock Leveller - 3 - Warranty Nordock Inc. Nordock guarantees that the AIRDOCK® INDUSTRIAL™ Series Air-Powered Dock Levelers will perform as described and to the full satisfaction of the purchaser for one-year from date of receipt or NORDOCK® will repair, replace or remove the product and refund the purchase price. Key features of every Nordock Edge Mount dock leveler. The Manual Hydraulic Hand Pump system is used to lift the leveler and extend the lip. Perfect for any warehouse or distribution center.

Routine Servicing And Maintenance Regular maintenance and care of the Dock Leveler is very important for cost and operation efficiency and more importantly; operator safety. airbag dock leveler with controls—owner’s manual 2 issue date: j rev. Main extension spring gas shock aFX Push Rod brake band ramp control hold down. 0 introduction 5 2. nordock The NORDOCK® Specialty Dock Levelers include the FLEX-LIP® Series ADF Air-powered and SHF Hydraulic Dock Levelers. All automatic edge-of-dock levelers are operated with a single push-button control except the Manual (EM) series. expressly warrants that its MODEL TLH telescoping hydraulic dock levelers shall remain free of defects in material and workmanship under normal use for a period of one-year from the date of delivery to the purchaser. motor pump, single push button control and heavy duty lift cylinder with non-adjustable velocity fuse.

Shop Nordock loading dock parts and accessories conveniently online. Mechanical EOD Leveler Owner&39;s & Installation Manual Issue Date: 06/21/05 (PartPage 11 5. This will allow you to easily determine the necessary replacement parts for you dock leveler.

Edge Mount Levelers are a permanent option to portable plates and dock boards. Full-range free-float - Mechanical counterbalance valve allows leveler to float when positioned in the trailer. They are the perfect economical solution for medium traffic docks.

TOLL-FREE:OFFICE NUMBER:. The purchaser must. Please email com if you don&39;t see what you need. Mechanical, hydraulic, and air-powered models are available in a wide range of sizes and capacities, and for added security and productivity, Blue Giant is pleased to offer our popular Extra Dock Safety (XDS) Series. Sliding Door Manuals. Hydraulic Dock Leveller – Nordock® Barrier™ Safety, high reliability, ease of operation and low maintenance are signature features of the Nordock® Barrier™ hydraulic dock levellers, suited for forklift impact up to 4. Now extending nearly 25 years, Nordock manufacturing has been among the industry leaders in the manufacturing of specialty, vertical leveler, loading dock equipment. RHE3 Installation Manual RHH High Cap Manual.

RHM | Mechanical Dock Leveler. OPERATION WARRANTY Nordock guarantees that the HEAVY-DUTY™ Series docklevelers will perform as described and to the. The operator actuates the lowering valve allowing the deck to descend down and rest upon the trailer. With each pass they experience an unpleasant jarring effect created by the bumps and gaps that exist in outdated leveler designs – so does their equipment and the product being transported. No pit necessary! Rite Hite, Kelley, McGuire, Serco, Blue Giant, DLM, Rytec, PowerAmp, Nordock, Entrematic, SPX,, 52100.

Barrier Glider Cold Storage Door. Dock Leveler Owners Manual This Manual Covers Dock Levelers Built After Serial Number: 04ID410001M and up PRINTED IN U.

Nordock ad leveler owners manual

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